Designing networks to support regional transformation processes

The research project Transform-R sets the technical course for the design of a network of municipalities and regions for a transformation towards sustainability. A special focus is on the energy sector.

The focus of the investigations is both on regional transformation processes and the question of how these can be successfully initiated and implemented. Additionally, the requirements for a nationwide network of regional and municipal stakeholders, with the purpose to support these regional transformation processes are being researched.

The research project is carried out by Climate Alliance and ifeu.

Transform-R is closely linked to the Region-N project. Region-N promotes the development of a German network of committed municipalities and regions for a decentralised and sustainable energy transition. The project will support committed regional activities in particular by providing knowledge and exchange on renewable energies and energy efficiency.

Project funding period: December 2019 – November 2022
via the German Federal Environment Agency on behalf of the German Environment Ministry

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