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The details on joining

Ambitious local authorities and indigenous organisations are encouraged to join our alliance. The admission process can be broken down into three steps:

  1. The municipal council passes a resolution to join Climate Alliance and commit to the network’s goals and principles as laid out in the Climate Alliance Member Charter. Template for local resolutions (pdf)
  2. The local authority submits the adopted local resolution to the European Secretariat or responsible National Coordination Office
  3. Climate Alliance passes membership request on to the Executive Board for formal approval

Climate Alliance membership is based on a local authority’s own commitment to ambitious and fair climate action as affirmed by its local resolution and as laid out in Climate Alliance’s statues and resolutions. Members are responsible for pursuing the relevant goals of their own accord; there are no related reporting requirements. Federal states and provinces as well as NGOs can also join in by becoming associated members, giving them the opportunity to get involved in network activities.

Benefits of joining  |  Climate Alliance Member Charter (pdf)  |  Further association documents

Want to learn more?Contact us at membership(at) for more information about Climate Alliance membership.

Annual membership fee calculator

Our fees are moderate and structured so that they are feasible even for the most economically strained of municipalities. You’d be hard-pressed to find another network that offers municipalities so much their membership contribution. Local authorities* pay just 0.85 cents per resident per year. Annual fees are capped at a maximum of €15,000 and a minimum of €250 per member municipality or district. Indigenous peoples organisations are under no obligation to pay fees; the Executive Board decides on annual fees for associated members on a case by case basis.

*Eastern European municipalities and administrative districts receive a 50 percent reduction on the standard fees listed above. This reduction is valid until 2030.