Climate Alliance Services

Climate Alliance Services (officially Klima-Bündnis der europäischen Städte mit indigenen Völkern der Regenwälder Services GmbH) was established as a Climate Alliance venture in 2023. The limited liability company exists as an extension of the association’s structure and counts Climate Alliance as its sole shareholder. Its mission statement is based on Climate Alliance’s core principles: fair, nature-based, local, resource-saving and diverse.

Climate Alliance Services

  • Supporte Climate Alliance members in planning and implementing local climate protection measures through consultancy, campaigns and data collection services.
  • Acts as an important link for the translation of data into political concepts and strategies as well as for making climate action measures quantifiable.
  • Offers services to interested actors outside of Climate Alliance’s membership base towards the promotion of climate action.

Climate Alliance Services will serve to further strengthen Climate Alliance's position as a strategic thought leader in municipal climate action. The organisation makes further opportunities for income possible, thus also supporting the association financially, while facilitating the continued development of offers for Climate Alliance members.

The following tools are currently being offered through Climate Alliance Services

  • Climate Protection Planner (Klimaschutz-Planer)
    The Climate Protection Planner is the recommended emissions inventory tool for Climate Alliance members in Germany, not only facilitating the preparation of greenhouse gas inventories according to the BISKO standard, but also enabling users to record municipal energy flows, analyse potentials, develop scenarios and much more. Learn more
  • ESG Cockpit
    The ESG Cockpit is a comprehensive web-based tool for sustainability reporting and certification. It enables administrations, municipal enterprises and private sector companies to measure their compliance with sustainability and emissions targets as well as to plan and carry out appropriate measures. Learn more
    With the CITY CYCLING competition, citizens and local parliaments hop on thier bikes to promote cycling. In teams, they collect as many kilometres travelled by bike as possible for their municipality over 21 consecutive days. The campaign raises awareness for cycling in everyday life among citizens and municipal decision-makers alike. Learn more at 

  • RADar!
    The RADar! reporting platform is an online-based citizen participation and planning tool that enables local authorities and citizens to work together on improving local cycling. Cyclists can use RADar! to alert their city or town to disruptive and dangerous spots on bike paths and in cycling infrastructure via the CITY CYCLING app or online. Learn more at

  • RiDE – Bicycle traffic in Germany
    Where cycling hotspots and which areas do cyclists avoid? With RiDE, we provide municipalities throughout Germany with visualised cycling data that can be used to reliably answer important questions for the planning of cycling infrastructure. The data is based on cycling journeys recorded via the CITY CYCLING app. Learn more at

Your Climate Alliance Services contacts

Climate Alliance Services
Galvanistraße 28
60486 Frankfurt am Main

Thomas Brose
Executive Director

You can find a list of staff working on offerings provided via Climate Alliance Services here.