Photo: Dylan Gilis via Unsplash


Mentoring programme for deep energy retrofits open now

A new mentoring programme aims to share knowledge and skills regarding the development and adaptation of One-Stop-Shops and Energy Efficiency Subscription to advance deep energy renovations of residential buildings on a regional level. Interested municipalities can apply for the mentoring programme from 24 January to 21 February.

Climate Alliance supports the programme as part of the EUROPA project. The learning programme is designed to transfer know-how from EUROPA to peers and work through potential challenges of
local context. For six months, municipalities will have the opportunity to engage with one of the EUROPA pilots and fellow mentees in an online environment. The mentoring programme also includes one in-person gathering in the mentor’s region.

On 2 February, Climate Alliance is organising an informational event to present the programme to interested municipalities and to answer questions.

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