Indigenous peoples of the Amazon basin declare state of emergency for human rights

Yesterday, Climate Alliance’s partner organisation COICA, umbrella organisation of the indigenous organisations of the Amazon Basin, has declared a state of emergency for human rights and indigenous human rights defenders in the Amazon at a press conference. The systematic violation of human rights, criminalisation and threats to indigenous activists have been exacerbated by the pandemic. In 2020, over 220 people have been murdered in Colombia, Brazil, Peru and Bolivia. The pressure on the rainforest and their territories is growing: in 2020 alone, 2.3 million hectares of rainforest were destroyed in Amazonia. This represents a 17% increase over the previous year and the third highest total annual loss since 2000.

Since Climate Alliance’s founding, COICA has been one of the most important cooperation partners of our network. Aiming to support the indigenous peoples in their fight for legal recognition and the protection of their territories, Climate Alliance closely cooperates with COICA and its member organisations.

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