Indigenous cooperation

Climate action works best when it is planned and implemented on local level – be it in the municipalities of Europe or in the indigenous territories of Amazonia. The key is to have broad variety of approaches. There is no universal solution.

This principle of diversity is reflected in the cooperation between European municipalities and the indigenous peoples of the Amazonia. In addition to cooperating with the umbrella organisation of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon Basin (COICA), Climate Alliance works to strengthen the political integration of indigenous peoples in international processes, support funds, supervises partnerships between cities, organises delegation tours and supports community projects in the Amazon region, for example through art or with the provision of solar lamps.

For Climate Alliance members, too, there are many opportunities to promote climate justice. Find out more in our Bridges to Amazonia brochure or contact us for further ideas on how to get involved and support this pillar of Climate Alliance!


Photo: Stéphanie Zimmer