CITY CYCLING 2020 enjoys continued success with more municipalities than ever before

It's halftime for the world’s largest cycling campaign. Since 1 May, citizens and local politicians in communities across Germany and Europe have been pedalling hard and have already logged 49 million kilometres by bicycle to date. Interested local authorities and cyclists have until October to register for this year’s round of CITY CYCLING.

This year, the Climate Alliance's cycling campaign has experienced continued success. With 1,402 registrations, CITY CYCLING has already surpassed last year’s record number of participating. This year the campaign is being supported by state funding in ten of Germany’s thirteen federal states. The campaign is also becoming increasingly popular abroad with French municipalities taking part for the first time. The French region of Alsace Central, for example, participated with its sister region of Emmendingen in Germany with the support of the Interreg project SaMBA. Another example is the French municipality Val d’Alzette, which is participating in this year's campaign as part of the TANDEM project.

These preliminary results are a boon for CITY CYCLING in this unusual year. Recently, the campaign has also been given its own podcast, in which many topics related to CITY CYCLING and bicycle traffic are being discussed. Since 2008, the campaign has been inviting local authorities to take part in a cycling competition and thus lead by example by promoting cycling as a sustainable transport alternative.

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