Working Group on Adaptation

Building resilience

The effects of climate change are already being seen in towns and cities across Europe.
As major social centres with concentrated populations and critical infrastructure such as
transport networks, power grids, water supplies and substantial building stock, they are particularly vulnerable to extreme weather events. Such events can have dramatic consequences for economic development and social cohesion.

Focusing on climate change mitigation alone will not be enough. Cities and towns are increasingly being forced to anticipate the adverse effects of climate change and make their territories more resilient to its impacts. While taking action to prevent or minimise damage, cities are, however, also making their territories more liveable. They are seizing upon the opportunity to engage the public and other stakeholders and to embark on multi-sectoral approaches that facilitate interactions between research, science and policy.

To foster the exchange of views, knowledge and experiences on key issues around adaptation to climate change, Climate Alliance launched the Working Group on Adaptation in spring 2015. The working group brings together climate experts and political leaders from Climate Alliance member municipalities and several partner organisations to help generate an accurate picture of adaptation challenges and possible solutions at the local level. The group explores possibilities for local practitioners to consider mitigation and adaptation in an integrated way while finding solutions to mobilise much needed political and financial support. The group’s work also feeds into the EU’s Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (of which the former Mayors Adapt initiative is now part).

The working group in action

The Working Group on Adaptation offers participants biannual meetings within the framework of the Climate Alliance International Conference and other events. Members also receive regular briefings on topics of special relevance, for example, adaptation in the EU context, new solutions tested by peers and possible financing schemes for adaptation efforts. The group’s experiences and opinions are fed into the preparation of Climate Alliance resolutions as well as political position papers, helping convey key messages to national and international decision-making processes. The group offers opportunities for collaboration with the Mayors Adapt Group of Practitioners, including participation in its consultation meetings as well as cooperation with other key institutions such as the European Commission’s Directorate General for Climate Action and the Committee of the Regions. Group members also have the opportunity to prepare joint protect proposals, take part in site visits and engage in a variety of other activities.

The Working Group is open to all Climate Alliance members. Passive membership, choosing only to receive information via the mailing list, is also possible.

Want to learn more? Download the Working Group concept note or contact adaptation(at)