Scientifically evaluated data for your municipal cycle traffic planning

The RiDE cycling portal offers local authorities insight into data relevant for municipal cycling planning. The data comes from the CITY CYCLING campaign and the associated app. Every recorded kilometre ends up on the data platform and is scientifically evaluated resulting in comprehensive and valid cycling data for municipalities.

This enables municipalities to find answers to relevant questions for sustainable cycle traffic planning, such as how smoothly cycle traffic flows, which routes cyclists prefer or what the waiting times at traffic lights are like. The information is available to all participating CITY CYCLING municipalities, but currently only in Germany.

Thanks to funding from the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport, Climate Alliance can continue to make the data available to interested municipalities free of charge or at a reduced cost until the end of 2024.

Want to learn more? Contact Ann-Kathrin Beichel at a.beichel(at)climatealliance.org.