Financing energy retrofitting tool pack

Find the right financing models, get guidance and overcome barriers

Climate Alliance has developed a tool pack for financing energy retrofitting. Get information on the various tools below.

Self-assessment tool

Choose the most suitable financing model for your city

This self-assessment tool contains a set of questions that help to determine which financing model for large scale energy retrofitting projects will be the most suitable for your local authority.

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Comparison tool

Which existing financing model fits my city?

Do you want to start an energy retrofitting project in your city but don’t know where to start? Get inspiration from the experiences of other local authorities with this comparison tool. According to different criteria (energy savings targets, funding sources etc.), the tool shows you the experiences that are the most interesting for you.

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Barriers tool

Frequent barriers and how to overcome them

The barriers guidance tool helps local authorities overcome specific barriers when designing and implementing their energy efficiency renovation programmes. Common barriers can range from low building owner demand to limited staff resources in the local authority or a lack of Energy Service Companies on the market. Depending on the barrier your local authority faces, the tool recommends specific actions and helps identify reference models that tackle similar challenges.

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Developing an action plan

Guidance through the most important steps

Innovative financing models are elaborated constructions with operational and financial components that all have to fit together. The objective of this template is to guide you through all necessary questions you have to ask yourself when starting to develop a financing model for energy efficiency retrofitting of your buildings.

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One stop shop guide

Learn from the experience of the province of Liège

This guidebook explains how to start an energy retrofitting project and identifies the main challenges and success factors, based on RenoWatt’s experience in the province of Liège. It aims to share RenoWatt's best practices and to facilitate replication of the model elsewhere in Europe and on a larger scale. It addresses practical issues and offers step-by-step guidance for private and public actors.

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