Large-Scale Kitchens on a Low Flame

Encouraging climate action in the kitchen

With Large-Scale Kitchens on a Low Flame, Climate Alliance is breaking new ground and dedicating itself to climate protection in mass catering. Changing electricity suppliers, increasing the use of fresh, regional and seasonal produce and reducing the amount of meat used in menus are but a few of the ways in which canteens and cafeterias can lessen their environmental impacts. The project shares concrete suggestions in areas such as these with participating kitchens. An online tool determines savings potentials while graphically showing the campaign's progress and participants will receive ready-made campaign materials to support PR for their activities.

With the goal of helping 100 kitchens in the Rhein-Main area surrounding Frankfurt to reduce their CO2 emissions, the lessons learned from this regional project have the potential for far reaching effects. The project is ideal both for local authorities with their own canteens as well as for those with good connections to canteens in their areas that are interested in reducing their environmental impacts.

Project funding period for pilot phase:
January 2015 – December 2016
via the German National Climate Protection Initiative (BMUB)

Want to learn more? Contact Nora Bluhme at n.bluhme(at) (in German)