Interreg Mediterranean Renewable Energy

Promoting renewable energies in the Mediterranean Area

The Mediterranean Region is one of the areas in Europe most vulnerable to climate change and ensuring resource supply is one of the most important issues these areas face. This goes hand in hand with territorial planning – a fundamental governance tool. Coordinated action will be required to foster resilient pathways. In this project, a Renewable Energy Community is being created consisting of six projects promoting renewable energies in the Mediterranean Area, paying special attention to rural and islands areas. The Renewable Energy Community provides an alternative solution for the energy transition using an ecosystems-based approach. The aim: to promote the integration of energy into territorial planning and uncover new opportunities for local development. Through the project, a multi-level coordination model to facilitate cooperation between all stakeholders will also be developed.The cohesion of the results coming from each project within the community as well as the sharing of measures and experiences both within the community and beyond will take place via a network of established partners. The network will also take advantage of links to other consortia that can further disseminate lessons learned, thus greatly building upon the impact achievable by individual projects.

Project funding period: January 2020 – December 2021
via the Interreg Med Programme of the European Union

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