Greening strategies for the international distribution of European films

The project “Greening strategies for the international distribution of films (GSID)” has as its main and long-term objective to reduce the environmental impact of the cinema industry in Europe by reducing the carbon footprint of the international film distribution field. It also echoes the 2023, European year of skills by upscaling international film sales agents’ green skills and it is directly linked to one of the horizontal objectives of the European Union: protecting the environment, fighting against climate change and reaching a carbon-neutral Union.

The consortium of Europa International (EI) and Climate Alliance (CA) will aim through the project to:

  • Raise awareness, improve green skills and build capacity among international film sales agents on sustainability and environmental practices and subsequently motivate them to apply eco-friendly attitudes in their field and actively participate in the green transition. International film sales agents are specialists in launching films abroad at festivals and in presenting the film to audiences outside its production borders. These companies are specialised in financing films and in presenting them at festivals and markets which entails numerous marketing, digital and print communication costs and travels for films and people all over the world.
  • Create and adopt a European green guide of good practices on eco-friendly behaviours and practices to be the "recipe book" for international film sales agents based in Europe. As the need for training came from EI membership (EI general assembly in December 2022), it seemed essential to keep record of the ideas that will emerge from the sessions and share them. A publicly available guide released during an event such as the Brussels International Film Festival will help give notoriety to the initiative. The practices in the guide may also be useful to other cultural sectors. To make it available to the broadest possible audience, the guide will be written in English and translated in the 3 most spoken languages of the European Union (French, Italian, German).

The results of the project will be on several levels:

  • The green guide of good practices will be made available online in open-access, to serve as a reference. Learning materials will be also available to serve as a complete tool box for interested professionals from cinema and other fields.
  • The workshops will help professionals implement more sustainable working habits in their companies and daily work, with a special focus on green digital skills to tackle digital pollution.

Project funding period: September 2023 – June 2024
via Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Want to learn more? Contact Dimitra Drakaki at d.drakaki(at)