Districts taking the lead!

Mobilising and empowering districts as multipliers for climate action

Districts can take a key role in local climate action. Mobilising, encouraging and consulting their communities, districts are able to effectively support local climate action. This opportunity however, has not been tapped to the full potential. As the first project of its kind in Germany, Districts taking the lead! is exploring the significance of districts in local climate action.

The project aims at developing and defining the role(s) German districts can play in local climate action. In addition, cooperation between districts and their communities will be strengthened. Districts taking the lead! will do so by mobilising districts and communities, communication as well as creating good practices.

Districts join in three different roles: beginners in local climate action, experienced districts and as guests. The project will foster knowledge exchange, creating good practice for districts as well as promoting the creation of networks. An in order to achieve this, the project offers a variety of events, trainings, workshops and consulting for the beginner districts free of charge.

Realized together with adelphi research gGmbH and ifeu - Institut für Energie- und Umweltforschung Heidelberg, Climate Alliance covers the project's communication support for beginner districts.

Project funding period for pilot phase: April 2016 – September 2018
via the the German National Climate Protection Initiative (BMUB)

Want to learn more? Contact Jan Schwarz at j.schwarz@klimabuendnis.org  |


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