Delegation tours

Seeing is understanding

Getting to know other ways of life and meeting people in other places fosters intercultural understanding and strengthens international solidarity. To promote such links, Climate Alliance supports direct exchange between representatives of European municipalities and indigenous peoples. We regularly organise delegation tours to South America for local politicians and municipal representatives as well as trips to Europe for indigenous representatives. These exchanges provide joint learning experiences and

Delegation tours also illustrate the parallels between the local effects of the global economic system in different regions of the world. Recognising the existence of common challenges as well as exchanging ideas both on how to fight them and on possible solutions inspires both sides in the search for alternatives.

Global solidarity and mutual support give partners the strength to resist the effects of extractivism and climate change as well as to develop alternative concepts. This type of global cohesion is also decisive for political work, facilitating direct exchanges with decision makers that can promote profound change.

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