Solar lamps

Using sunrays - sustainable light sources for indigenous communities

In Amazonia, the main source of energy and light is petroleum. This fuel not only has a very negative impact on health and the environment, and it is also very expensive. These issues can be avoided through the introduction and distribution of solar lights in the form of small, decentralised, energy efficient photovoltaic lamps.

The project started in 2004 in Iquitos, a city in the Peruvian Amazon (state of Loreto), with the production of 100 solar lamps as part of a partnership with FORMABIAP, a programme for the training of indigenous teachers. With the help of these teachers, the new technology is being promoted within the communities. A production facility forthe mobile solar lamps and modules was also established.

Over the last years, the technology and batteries of the solar lamps have been further optimised. In addition to the basic lamps, solar torches and adapter sets for charging mobile phones are now available. The acceptance of and interest in the lamps is very strong overall. They continue to offer a good opportunity for indigenous communities to engage with topics such as climate change and renewable energies.

Further interest in local projects is now coming out of both Ecuador and Brazil.

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Project period: Since 2004

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