Project Green

100 green paintings for Amazonia - Supporting indigenous communities through art

A souvenir artist Michael Arantes Müller brought home from a trip to Amazonia served as the starting point for Project Green. Inspired by nature and indigenous culture, he developed a comprehensive idea: a collage of 100 green paintings each 1x1 metres in size and each a representation of a word for green in various indigenous languages.

Each of the 100 paintings was then given to European municipalities and institutions in exchange for a generous donation. Project partners in Brazil could use this money to organise midwifery trainings for indigenous women, to plant medicinal herb gardens and to conduct self-sufficiency courses, thereby strengthening the autonomy of the Waiãpi people.

The project brought actors from Europe and Amazonia together, creating real connections between nature and art as well as between the preservation of cultural identity and social justice.

The project was carried out by artist Michael Arantes Müller, Climate Alliance, serveral indigenous (women’s) associations in Brazil (União das naçoes indigenas, Mulheres Indígenas do Acre, Sul do Amazonas e Noroeste de Rondônia und Instituto de Pesquisa e Formação Indígena) and medico international.

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Project period: 1994 – 2015

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