Indigneous activist from the Peruvian Amazon murdered

Last week, Quinto Inuma Alvarado, an indigenous environmental activist of the Santa Rosillo de Yanayacu community in the Peruvian Amazon, was shot to death in front of his wife and children. The news outlet Servindi reports that the shooting took place on 29 November as the indigenous leader was returning from an event on territorial defence and environmental protection.

Climate Alliance made use of its legal aid fund in 2022 to temporarily move Quinto Inuma to a safe house in the face of the death threats he was receiving. For the last two years, Quinto Inuma had fought tirelessly against illegal logging and drug trafficking in his people’s territory.

The pressure on indigenous lands has been continually mounting over the last years as the demand for resources and drugs soar. An increasing portion of Climate Alliance’s cooperation with indigenous peoples is thus being directed to protecting activists like Quinto Inuma Alvarado and their families.

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