Kinder im Wald


Education is vital to preserving our forests

On International Forest Day, Climate Alliance emphasises how local forest protection contributes to climate justice and why it is important to make this relationship understandable for all.

Silke Lunnebach, Climate Justice Project Manager at Climate Alliance, explains, "The key word is: climate justice. Our decisions here in Europe influence the livelihoods of so many people in other parts of the world. This also applies to the forest and its products, which we use every day. The world's population bears a common, albeit differentiated, responsibility for these forests. The ecological, economic and political connections between forests and climate protection are complex and it is important that we understand them. To this end, we have developed numerous educational materials for various age groups. In addition, we constantly try to make the experiences of our indigenous partners tangible here in Europe, for example through climate partnerships, delegation trips and a close partnership that has existed for over 28 years.”

Dr. Andreas Kress, Climate Alliance's expert on forests and tropical timber, adds, "Understanding our forests and keeping them healthy is crucial for our future. From the rainforests of South America to the forests of our member municipalities – these special places keep air, water, soil and people healthy. They play an important role in some of the greatest challenges we face today such as combating climate change and biodiversity loss. Preserving and protecting forests and their functions is therefore something that we need to address locally, regionally and globally".

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