Climate Alliance weighs in on EU Renovation Wave

This July, Climate Alliance issued its second response to the European Commission’s public consultation on building renovation. The Commission launched a multi-step consultation this summer in advance of the official launch of its Renovation Wave Communication expected this September. “Municipalities are at the core of the building renovation and it is essential to empower them with the financial, technological and administrative capacities to help boost renovation rates, undertake deep renovations and reduce building emissions,” explains Jonas Rönnefarth of Climate Alliance.

The Renovation Wave aims to increase energy efficiency and reduce building emissions within the European Union. As such, Climate Alliance sees it as central pillar of the European Green Deal. Bringing together lessons learnt from the activities of its member municipalities as well as its extensive project work on the topic, the city network has identified five keys to making the programme a success. These five pillars include:

  • Increased ambition to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement
  • Empowerment of municipalities through financial and technical support
  • Promotion of one-stop-shops to bring together demand and supply side
  • Alleviation of energy poverty to ensure affordable energy for all citizens
  • Protection of natural resources through use of local and natural materials

Climate Alliance will continue its work in the field of building energy efficiency, helping European municipalities and contributing to the success of EU programmes on the topic.

Further information

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