Photo: Guillaume Perigois via Unsplash


Climate Alliance publishes policy manifesto for incoming EU leadership

"Local authorities for a socially inclusive climate and energy transition“ is the title Climate Alliance‘s policy manifesto that was published today. We firmly believe that it is up to the next EU institutions to turn the plans laid out in the EU Green Deal into reality. Mayors and municipal decision makers are increasingly contributing to EU priorities, but stronger municipal representation through improved multi-level governance and systematic coordination is required.

Thus, Climate Alliance, based on its longstanding experience working together with municipalities from across Europe as well as discussions with several member cities, has developed a policy manifesto with six demands adressing the next EU institutions.

  • Make permanent multi-level governance processes involving local authorities a must when formulating legislation.
  • Reduce inequalities by addressing energy poverty in all its forms.
  • Ensure that Member States make climate action mandatory at the municipal level and provide the necessary funding.
  • Set energy savings as the foundation of an energy efficient buildings sector.
  • Promote a just and democratic energy transition founded upon flexible, decentralised and renewable energy sources.
  • Reframe the climate challenge as an issue of climate justice.

Click here to read the complete manifesto.