Photo: Ryan Wallace via Unsplash


20th anniversary of the Green Footprints Campaign: New hands-on activity for children

The new Green Footprints Campaign‘s activity "Cozy Spaces and Not So Nice Places" invites participating children to photograph and describe both their favourite and least favourite places on their way to school. All submitted pictures and descriptions will be put online on a map.

The activity is part of the 20th anniversary of the international Green Footprints campaign. The aim of this activity is to show whether and to what extent the situation of children in traffic has improved. There is still a lack of political will to fundamentally change the road traffic regulations for the benefit of children. The campaign team thus invites all participating municipalities and institutions to join in.

In addition to this activity, the Green Footprints Campaign is also offers further new materials inclduing new stops on the "Climate Voyage". In addition to new information on Spain and Italy, there materials from Germany (forests) and Luxembourg (village made of waste) are in the pipeline as will be available as of late September. All information is available online.

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