23.03 - 25.03.2021 | Online

Connecting Nature Summit Series | 1st edition

Connecting Nature Innovation Summit

We are facing huge, unprecedented problems: a global pandemic, climate change and an ecological emergency. As countries and cities adapt to living with Covid-19 and implement recovery strategies they have been presented with a unique opportunity: an opportunity to build back better and to use innovative solutions to do so. Building a strong city ecosystem using nature-based solutions that support society, nature and economic growth is key but it will be challenging to build.

Over three days in March the Innovation Summit brought together an international audience to explore how we shift to sustainable, greener cities that deliver for their citizens using nature-based solutions. It shared the learning from the community of cities involved in Connecting Nature and introduced the innovative tools and methods being developed through the project.

The Connecting Nature Innovation Summit was co-hosted by Glasgow City Council and greenspace Scotland and supported by Climate Alliance. The summit took place virtually, but participants could still experience a bit of Glasgow’s culture, the host city of the UN COP26 in Nov 2021, by discovering the city virtually. The multi-day event was the first edition of the Connecting Nature Summit Series.

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