ESG Cockpit

The ESG Cockpit is a comprehensive web-based tool for sustainability reporting and certification. It enables administrations, companies and organisations to measure compliance with sustainability and GHG targets so that they can plan and carry out associated measures.

As a complement to the German Klimaschutz-Planer (Climate Protection Planner), the ESG Cockpit expands Climate Alliance's set of monitoring tools. The Klimaschutz-Planer is one of the most established emissions accounting tools in Germany and facilitates the creation of energy and GHG balances for a municipality's territory according to BISKO, the German municipal accounting system. The ESG Cockpit provides additional support for the preparation of inveentories at the level of individual administrative units, organisations and companies. Climate Alliance members are encouraged to use the ESG Cockpit to regularly monitor greenhouse gas reductions and other sustainability measures within their own municipal administrations.

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