Exhibitions to rent

To support you in raising awareness amongst citizens on the global challenges of climate change, land grabbing and the overuse of resources, Climate Alliance offers three exhibitions.

The panels help to connect global issues with local realities. They give climate change, global demands for resources and problems like land grabbing a face.

Show the exhibitions at your next conference, offer them to schools, print them for your next climate day or use the materials for other local activities. You can use the exhibitions as panels or posters or even show them digitally – there are many possibilities to adapt them to your local demands!

More information

  • Each exhibition consists of approximately 25 panels (each panel 85x200 cm)
  • Full digital versions available in German, English and Czech
  • Partial digital versions in Spanish and Hungarian
  • All panels may be printed out, free of charge
  • Printed panels of all exhibitions are available in German
  • Panels of the “We are all witnesses" exhibition available in English
  • "We are all witnesses" available in an web version in English and German at climatewitnesses.eu

Lending policy: Climate Alliance members only have to pay transport costs

Exhibition brochures for download

Want to learn more? Read the flyer with an overview of all relevant information here or contact us at climatejustice(at)climatealliance.org.