ZOOM - Kids on the Move

Tens of thousands of children have already registered, and many more will follow throughout Europe in the coming months. As part of the Climate Alliance ZOOM - Kids on the Move campaign, children collect green footprints for everyday routes that can be covered on foot, by scooter or bicycle, by bus or train in a climate-friendly manner.

This year's launch is taking place at the same time as the interim negotiations on the UN Climate Process in Bonn, during which the rule book on the Paris Climate Agreement will be drawn up. If all goes well, it can be adopted at the next UN Climate Summit in Poland in December.

There, the Climate Alliance will again present the fooprints of all children and their wishes and demands to the climate politicians in Katowice. In this way we will again demonstrate how committed the children of Europe already are to the standard book on municipal climate protection.


Photo: Groene Voetstappen gatherers from the Netherlands; copyright Matty van Leijenhorst, Klimaatverbond