Press release | 20.11.2018

Regional timber award honours low-emissions procurement projects

15 municipalities and organisations in the alpine region recognised at the EUSALP Annual Forum in Innsbruck

A total of 15 locally-sourced projects throughout the Alps received the Alpine Space Regional Timber Award in recognition of the climate-friendly, regional procurement practices. “From wooden buildings to wooden benches, boats and observation platforms, these outstanding projects show what is possible with regionally-sourced timber,” explains Christiane Kretschmer of Climate Alliance, the city network co-organising the award. Low carbon value chains from the harvesting of wood through to its use make a positive contribution to climate protection. Making use of resources locally can also help reinvigorate regional economies. The Alpine Space Regional Timber Award was open to both public and private institutions that procure or help construct wooden buildings or urban furniture. The award was launched within the framework of the EU-funded Carbon Smart Communities (CaSCo) project.

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