Pilot municipalities wanted: Climate Alliance develops Carbon Pricing Model

As of now, Climate Alliance calls for municipalities, who are interested in developing a municipal CO2 pricing model and test it locally. Together with its partner Klimaatverbond Netherlands, Climate Alliance now tackles the issue of a CO2 price by developing a realistic Carbon pricing model for European municipalities. A dedicated working group of interested municipalities will be set up to discuss and analyse exisiting municipal experiences.

As long as greenhous gas emissions do not come at a price, we will continue to treat those emissions as if they were non-existent. The solution to this problem is a price on CO2 emissions connected to the market. Carbon pricing is an important part of the strategy towards a low carbon economy.

Interested in participating? Contact Miguel Morcillo at m.morcillo(at) for more information.

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Carbon Pricing Model
Working Group CO2 Pricing Model (pdf)