Peru: Mayor Wolter holds talks with indigenous people on palm oil

Tomorrow, Andreas Wolter, Mayor of the City of Cologne and Climate Alliance Ambassador to the UN Climate Summit 2016 in Marrakesh, and Thomas Brose, Director of Climate Alliance, will reach the Peruvian capital Lima on their tour to South America. Afterwards the journey of the two Europeans leads to Pucallpa, the capital of the Ucayali region in the Amazon lowlands.

The cultivation of palm oil and the resulting conflicts with the indigenous population are the reason for the trip to Pucallpa. There the local indigenous organisation FECONAU organised a visit program and meetings with those affected. Afterwards, Wolter and Brose, then again in Lima, talk with AIDESEP (Association for development in the Peruvian rainforest - the national indigenous organisation of COICA in Peru) on the situation of the indigenous peoples in Peru.

Since Tuesday Andreas Wolter and Thomas Brose were in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. There, a COICA meeting took place, which the two used for discussions with COICA representatives. In addition, they met with the filmmaker Sigmund Thies and representatives of a radio project in Otavalo (about 100 kilometres north of Quito).