Over 340 civil society organisations call on EU to halt trade negotiations with Brazil

On 17 June more than 340 civil society organisations appealing to the EU to put a stop to ongoing Mercosur trade talks. Climate Alliance and Climate Alliance Austria are both signatories on the joint letter. The document sites the worsening human rights and environmental situation in Brazil. It demands the EU send “an unequivocal message to President Bolsonaro” that it will refuse to negotiate a trade deal under current conditions. It sets an end to human rights violations and further deforestation as well as concrete climate protection commitments as necessary preconditions to any further talks. Since Bolsonaro took office, deforestation as exploded, attacks on environmental defenders and indigenous peoples have skyrocketed and the governmental departments responsible for fighting climate change have been abolished. The EU can use its vast influence not only to prevent a worsening of the current situation, but to greatly improve conditions in Brazil and Amazonia generally. In mid November, Climate Alliance will seek to raise further awareness of the impacts of the EU-Mercosur trade argreement on human rights and the evironment in a dedicated event to be held in Brussels.

Open letter