Photo: Appolinary Kalashnikova via Unsplash


New reports put examples and tips for energy communities in the spotlight

The publication "Consumer Stock Ownership Plans (CSOPs) - Financing Energy Communities" is the final report of the EU project SCORE and highlights local examples of energy communities and helpful tips developed within the project:

  1. The first Italian hydro-power EC in Venaus practicing electricity sharing over the public grid operative as of 27 December 2021;
  2. The conclusion of an agreement to set up a regional EC in the Susa Valley engaging 31 Municipalities with around 80,000 inhabitants and a total investment of EUR 60 MM.;
  3. The setting up of the Prague Renewable EC on 1 October 2021, one of the largest photovoltaicprojects in the Czech Republic with a foreseen capacity of 500 MW and an investment of EUR 40 MM. stemming from an ELENA contract;
  4. One of the first German ECs in Essen to practice electricity sharing in 2022 embracing an institution for disabled children, a public school and a sports club;
  5. The development of an “Assisted Consumer Stock Ownership Plans” that permits the residents of homeless shelters in Słupsk, Poland, to become co-owners in RE.

As part of the SCORE project, Climate Alliance supported the idea of turning consumers into prosumers of renewable energy in three pilot regions. The project was completed at the end of 2021.

Read the final report here.