New COICA General Coordinator enters into strategic talks with Climate Alliance

On 22 June, COICA, the Indigenous umbrella organization for the Amazon region, elected an entirely new board of coordinating directors. Climate Alliance held its first strategic talks with COICA’s new General Coordinator, José Gregorio Mirabal of Venezuela, shortly after the elections in Macapá, Brazil. “The relationship Climate Alliance and COICA have enjoyed over the last almost 30 years is unique – a content-based partnership of two organisations on equal footing,” explains Thomas Brose, Climate Alliance Executive Director. Mirabal and his new deputy are now joined by seven further representatives that will serve the organisation through June 2022 in thematic areas such as natural resources, international relations, human rights, education, family and health. Robinson López of Colombia has now replaced Eider José Perafan Ramirez as COICA’s new Coordinator for Climate Change and Biodiversity. Lopez will run for the vice presidency of Climate Alliance at the network’s 2018 general assembly during the Connecting Cities Conference in Barcelona this October. A significant COICA delegation will join him at Connecting Cities to coordinate the forthcoming cooperation between the two organisations.

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