New brochure on indigenous strategies for comprehensive forest protection

Frankfurt am Main. With "A critical look at REDD+ and indigenous strategies for comprehensive forest protection" we wish to take a critical look at development of the REDD+ instrument and to present the alternative approaches of indigenous peoples dwelling in Amazonia.

The brochure provides and overview of the relationship between forests and climate protection in addition to the role of indigenous peoples and outtlines the development of the REDD+ instrument within the scope of the international climate process. A compilation of critical contributions to the concept and implementation of the first pilot projects is also portrayed, along with details of their impact on the local population. In its final chapter, the brochure is devoted to alternative concepts and approaches developed by indigenous communities and organisations. These have been presented at international conferences, such as the COP21 in Paris, and discussed with representatives from state and non-state stakeholders. Indigenous women from Peru also have their say: they have prepared a declaration on climate change from their perspective. 

The brochure is available in English and German, if you would like to have a printed version, please contact us!

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