Networks release joint statement on energy efficiency financing

Strengthening the role of the local level to accelerate the clean energy transition

Today three major city networks joined forces with and French initiative Énergies Posit’IF to call for the acceleration of energy and climate investments via improved financing frameworks. In their statement, these organisations made the case for four concrete recommendations to better match local ambition with appropriate financing. According to the document, putting the local level at the core of the energy transition will require an adjustment to the scale of funding schemes available to cities and towns so that they better fit the local level. Other calls include pushing local energy renovation programmes with the support of EU Structural Funds and amending Energy Union legislation to better support energy cooperatives. The recommendations come during the EU’s well-known Sustainable Energy Week. Local level leaders discussed the recommendations this morning with European Commission and European Investment Bank representatives, taking advantage of Climate Alliance’s “Accelerating the clean energy transition” event in Brussels.

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