Photo: Helix Pflanzen GmbH


Nature-based solutions in urban space: Cities can apply for Connecting Nature Roadshow

The Connecting Nature Roadshow is a mobile exhibition for city centres. It offers interactive workshops on the topic of "Nature-based solutions in cities" in four cities over a period of three days each in April 2022. The aim is to bring cities and nature closer together and to promote the implementation of nature-based solutions in urban spaces. Interested cities can now apply for the roadshow.

Also included is a Mobile Green Room®, which makes nature-based solutions in cities tangible. "In the middle of the city centre, it is an attraction for many people with its colourful vegetation. They perceive with all their senses what there is to discover inside, or simply use it as an oasis of peace," comments Sven-Oliver Knabe from the company Helix Pflanzen GmbH, manufacturer of the Mobile Green Room. "Due to the great success of its first tour in 2016, municipalities have been able to rent it since 2017." The roadshow also offers cities the opportunity to meet members of the Connecting Nature Enterprise platform and work with them to develop ideas for creating a local network. As part of the Roadshow, it´s accompanied by EM | Path, the developers of a co-created, art based engagement process. Within a workshop, the participants get the opportunity to explore their relationship with nature and to create narratives out of their reflections, which shape individual nature-based solutions in a city.

The roadshow will take place within the framework of the EU project Connecting Nature. Climate Alliance is part of the project, which aims to strengthen the resilience of municipalities with the help of nature-based solutions. Interested municipalities can apply for the roadshow until 12 January 2022.

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