Member donations make direct aid in the Amazon Basin possible

9 August is the International Indigenous Peoples‘ Day and an opportunity to draw our attention to the situation in our partner’s territories. In recent weeks, Climate Alliance has been able to use first member donations for direct aid in Amazonia. For example, Climate Alliance provided hygiene articles and protective gear to fight COVID-19 in Marechal Thaumaturgo, Brazil, while communication materials for an indigenous public were funded in Peru and traditional medicine was supported through „living pharmacies“ in the Territory of Apurina, Brazil.

Climate Alliance is taking a two-pronged approach, to help its indigenous partners during these difficult times: direct aid by organising donation funds and raising awareness in Europe. A series of webinars, campaigns such as „A good life is simple“ and tools such as Climate Compass or the Change the Future Tool help raise awareness on the current situation in the Amazon Basin and topics like climate justice.

This year in particular, indigenous peoples in Amazonia and their territory are facing great risks. The Corona crisis is being exploitet to weaken democratic institutions and environmental safeguards. At the same time, the EU is poised to ratify a trade agreement with Mercosur, that is completely at odds with our climate goals and environmental standards – with dramatic impacts on indingenous peoples.

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