Less than 210 days remain for cities to give input to 24th Climate Summit

Local authorities have until 29 October to provide feedback for this year’s UN Climate Change Convention via a facilitative process known as the Talanoa Dialogue. The Dialogue was established at the last Climate Summit as a means to encourage inclusive and transparent exchange between stakeholders to the international climate process. Input coming via the Talanoa Dialogue portal will feed into official climate talks leading up to and during the 24th Climate Summit from 3 to 14 December in Katowice, Poland. The Dialogue thus stands as an important channel for local authorities and other actors not directly involved in the negotiations to encourage national governments to step up climate action. Throughout 2018 and in Katowice, Climate Alliance will be making use of the Talanoa Dialogue to ensure its members voices are heard and call for further recognition of local contributions.

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