Indigenous community celebrates success in the fight for their rights

The Peruvian community of Santa Clara de Uchunya has finally received its land title after a more than ten year struggle – thanks in part to the support of Climate Alliance.

The small community had been fighting for years against a developer of oil palm plantations that disputed community-owned areas. With the help of the FECONAU indigenous organisation and the support of European partners, the inhabitants have now secured their land rights and thus taken an important step in protecting their community and the rainforest.  

Climate Alliance has been committed to the rights of indigenous peoples of the Amazon Basin since its founding 30 years ago. Individual member municipalities are particularly active in this respect, as in the case of Santa Clara de Uchunya the German Climate Alliance member Bühl. The long-standing dispute in Peru is, among other things, also the basis for the partnership between the city of Cologne, Germany, and the community of Yarinacocha, in which FECONAU is also active.

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