Foto: Arthur Lambillotte via Unsplash


German Electricity Saving Check (Stromspar-Check) expands its heating advice

Within the framework of the Climate Alliance project ENPOR, the advisory service of the Electricity Saving Check was expanded together with Caritas Düsseldorf. The aim was to use innovative approaches to make heating-related energy advice more effective, especially for energy-poor households.

Specifically, the topic of heating/ventilation was reframed as a matter of comfort. For example, questions on the comfort perception of the target households were added to a questionnaire for the tenants. In addition, an information package was created to support the consultation, consisting of an information sheet, a ventilation diary and visual aids, such as window stickers with ventilation instructions or printed hangers with information on thermostat settings. First monitoring figures indicate a positive balance of the adjustments, e.g. more than 80 % of the users of the ventilation diary have stated that they want to change their ventilation behaviour.

The new approach will be applied this year in all 60 Caritas locations that are currently carrying out heating consultations.

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