Future of the Covenant of Mayors in Europe: survey results published

Higher ambitions, broader commitments and Climate Emergency – those are key results of the Covenant of Mayors Europe survey cities and regions from more than 23 countries participated in. The majority of respondents is in favour of scaling up ambition in climate action. Adaptation measures also play a crucial role: 62% of respondents want the Covenant of Mayors to expand its adaptation commitment. Enlarging the scope of action is another important aspect – a large majority of respondents support the broadening of the initiative's cope to further “non-energy related sectors”. In addition, 96% of respondents were in favour of further emphasising climate emergency in the framework of the Covenant of Mayors in Europe. More than half of the respondents have already declared climate emergency or made climate policy a priority.

The survey was conducted during the summer 2020, Climate Alliance members were also invited to participate. The survey outcomes will be used as basis to reposition the initiative in its new (policy, social, economic) context and transform it so that it best supports climate transition and empowers local authorities in the recovery process. This, in turn, will strongly influence EU policy regarding municipalities and climate in general. The full-text analysis of the survey results and the summary are now available online.

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