Funding for public procurement of energy efficiency solutions

Climate Alliance has long recognised public procurement as an integral part of local climate action strategy. The EU is now offering support for the Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions for energy efficiency (PPI) via its H2020 Energy Efficiency Call for local authorities interested in the procurement of more energy-efficient and innovative solutions for products, services, and buildings. The call covers 35% of procurement costs and is open to public bodies at local, regional or national levels.

Public procurement is a powerful instrument, allowing the public sector to better use its purchasing power to purchase exactly those solutions that meet their needs, often of a higher quality and at a lower lifetime cost. The EU’s Executive Agency for SMEs (EASME) provides funding support to help public procurers overcome the perceived higher initial costs of purchased solutions and the additional efforts required to engage in a public procurement of innovation process. If you like to get some guidance on how to prepare and submit a proposal, please follow the recorded webinar organised by EASME in March 2017.

Lead by example and use this innovative instrument for your next procurement activities!