Four Italian local authorities adopt Climate Alliance Resolution

The South Tyrolean market municipality of Campo Tures, the cities of Merano and Vipiteno as well as the southern Italian municipality of Craco have already adopted the Climate Alliance resolution “Local and regional authorities as drivers of climate action and sustainability ‒ towards a good life for all”. Campo Tures wants to “use the membership in the Climate Alliance to commit to sustainable development - locally, globally and in cooperation with a wide range of actors.”

The resolution, adopted by the Climate Alliance's General Assembly on 21 September 2017, reaffirms the importance of global partnerships to fight climate change and its unavoidable consequences. It underlines its support for the indigenous Climate Alliance partners in the Amazon rainforest by recognising their land rights and their right to self-determination. And it advocates climate justice.

We are pleased about the support of the principles of Climate Alliance on climate protection and of the indigenous partners in the rainforest of the Amazon basin. Thank you very much!

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