First report on energy poverty in the private rented sector in Europe published

Energy poverty is increasing in the European private rented sector. This states the first and newly published report and related analysis in the topic of energy poverty in the private rented sector. Research has found that energy efficiency policies are often poorly targeted and do not account for the profile and needs of vulnerable households. Many energy efficiency policies can reinforce existing social and systematic inequalities, conflicts and injustices. Barriers and drivers associated with efficiency retrofits span financial, regulatory, and environmental domains. General challenges include high rent-income ratios, poor quality accommodation, overcrowding, and difficult tenant-landlord relations.

Dedicated actions also by municipalities are needed that actively contribute to alleviating energy poverty by identifying energy-poor tenants (and respective homeowners) as well as understanding and addressing their needs.

Climate Alliance is part of the ENPOR project to reduce energy poverty in the private rented sector, within which the report was developed. It is now available online.

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