European Parliament calls for protection indigenous peoples' rights

On 3 July, the European Parliament adopted a resolution demanding the full recognition and protection of the rights of some 370 million indigenous people worldwide. The final document “calls for the EU to make sure that all its development, investment and trade policies respect the human rights of indigenous peoples” and “appeals to all states that have not yet ratified ILO Convention 169 on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples” to do so. In passing the resolution, MEPs highlighted the destruction of indigenous lands for the mass production of soy and palm oil later imported in the EU, also citing the role of indigenous peoples in climate protection. The Climate Alliance city network has been calling for the recognition of indigenous rights since its birth over 28 years ago. This February, the association’s efforts proved successful in Luxembourg when the country ratified ILO 169. To date, only Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Luxembourg have ratified this landmark convention on indigenous rights.

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Photo: European Union 2018