European Environment Agency issues new report on financing adaptation

Climate Alliance members Ghent and Hamburg in the spotlight

Despite budgetary challenges, cities and towns across Europe are taking action to put in place measures that will help them adapt to the impacts of climate change. A new European Environment Agency report released today highlights the opportunities open to municipalities to support adaptation measures that strengthen the resilience of their territories.  

“Financing urban adaptation to climate change” takes a closer look at innovative funding options for adaptation measures such as green bonds and crowdfunding.  By detailing case studies carried out in 11 cities, it highlights various projects that help cities better protect themselves from the damage caused by extreme weather events. These projects include measures such as green spaces, sustainable storm water management systems and green roofs, just to name a few. Two of the examples are featured directly from Climate Alliance member cities: Hamburg (DE), and Ghent (BE) and Bratislava (SK), which are members of the Climate Alliance working group on adaptation.

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