EU Parliament: Forest protection to be discussed again

Since the fires in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil at the latest, forest protection has again become a major international issue. Even though the EU always asserts that contracting parties should be persuaded to protect the environment, this can hardly be enforced in practice. Now the protection of forests is to become one of the priorities of the EU Parliament in the coming months.

Contacted by the media network Euractiv, conservative MEP Peter Liese (EPP) confirmed that the Environment Committee (ENVI) is planning a hearing on the issue. The European Commission will also launch a legislative proposal. “Our forests, not only in other parts of the world but also in Europe, are an essential contributor to climate protection. And on top of that, they are an economic factor,” Liese said. The German MEP hopes that the plenary will already debate the deforestation issue in September’s session.

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