Photos: Christian Lue via Unsplash


EU Mission "Adapting to Climate Change" - Climate Alliance members involved

The EU mission "Adaptation to Climate Change" has gained a total of 301 signatories in recent months. The team behind the EU mission will provide signatories with tailor-made support for their climate adaptation projects. Climate Alliance members are also among the signatories, such as Graz (AT), Styria (AT), Augsburg (DE), Bremen (DE), Göttingen (DE), Hamburg (DE), Ingolstadt, Kreis Herford (DE), Munich (DE), North Rhine-Westphalia (DE), Rüsselsheim am Main (DE), Leipzig (DE), Wettenberg (DE), Aarhus (DK), Nantes (FR), Strasbourg (FR), Thermi (GR), Trentino (IT), Cesano Maderno (IT), Cascais (PT) and Guimarães (PT). In addition, the mission offers capacity building and funding opportunities around climate adaptation, also for non-signatories.

The Climate Change Adaptation Mission focuses on supporting EU regions, cities and municipalities in their efforts to prepare for the impacts of the climate crisis. The mission is one of a total of five EU missions to find concrete solutions to major societal challenges.

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