Photo: Anton Maksimov via Unsplash


EPAH kicks off series of guidebooks addressing energy poverty

The Energy Poverty Advisory Hub (EPAH) published its first guidebook of the series “EPAH Handbooks: A Guide to Understanding and Addressing Energy Poverty”. This first guide is an introduction to the series and presents the concept of energy poverty with different approaches that can be useful for obtaining a general picture of energy poverty in your local government as well as the initial introduction to the methodology to tackle energy poverty.

Each handbook of the series will focus on one of the three main phases and provide additional practical information and concrete tools to apply. The handbooks are designed based on experiences and data collected over time and from different geographical contexts and are supported with additional material developed by EPAH.

EPAH is the leading EU initiative on energy poverty and is being coordinated by Climate Alliance. EPAH’s mission is to become the center of energy poverty experience and expertise in Europe providing direct support, online training and research to local authorities and civil society organisations and by building a collaborative network of all stakeholders interested in taking action to combat energy poverty in Europe.

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