Cycling in Dessau-Roßlau: A concept becomes reality

The goal is clear: The city of Dessau-Roßlau will become a bicycle city and increase the proportion of bicycle traffic in the modal split from 20 percent today to 30 percent. There is a lot to do. The bicycle traffic concept adopted in January 2016 lists the measures necessary for a bicycle-friendly development. Therefore the competence of municipal departments and many other actors from the population as well as associations, networking in the working group “Bicycle-friendly city”, is used. The spectrum of topics is diverse and ranges from current construction measures, the construction of parking facilities, the evaluation of accidents, the organisation of events to the discussion of deficiencies in bicycle traffic facilities.

The focus of implementation in 2019 will be on bicycle parking facilities. A total of 500 facilities are planned by 2020. The sites are located in places with high visitor numbers, such as Theaterplatz, Tierpark, shopping centre and cinema. The parking facilities consist of high-quality bicycle brackets that allow the bicycle frame to be locked securely.

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