Photo: Guillaume Perigois via Unsplash


Covenant of Mayors Ceremony: how cities are turning the energy crisis into an opportunity

On March 30, the 2023 Covenant of Mayors Conference brought together high-level representatives of EU institutions and Mayors from cities across Europe. The exchange highlighted how cities’ response to the energy crisis is setting an example for Europe’s long-term efforts in matters of energy and climate, and how the EU and cities can work hand in hand to reach common objectives.

The conference emphasized yet again the key role cities are playing, especially with reaching targets in building renovation and energy efficiency. Mayors from across Europe highlighted a diversity of emergency measures that they put into place to face the crisis: from green taxation, to building renovation, promotion of energy communities, education and awareness, transport and mobility. However, in order to translate these efforts into long-term action, support from the EU and national governments is also needed. Thus, Mayors called upon the EU to put pressure on national governments to involve local decision-makers and stakeholders in national climate and energy policy making. In addition, cities also need to ensure the essential support of their citizens. Cities have presented successful measures, for example energy communities, citizen conventions, youth forums, and energy offices offering advice on energy savings.

The full review of the conference content is available online. As part of the Covenant of Mayors - Europe office, Climate Alliance was instrumental in the preparation and implementation of this year's conference.

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